Do you want to get involved? There are 10 steps to make.
And we’ll always be there to help you.


Are you a native speaker of a minority or endangered language and you want to spread reliable information in your community that can save lives and stop the spread of coronavirus? Let us know!


You are assigned a Language Team Coordinator.
Both you and your Coordinator will have to be familiar with our Protocol.


Following the Protocol, you form a local Language Team and select a speaker who is both widely known and highly esteemed in your community
Make sure to minimize physical contact, stay at no less than 2 meters away from each other, and protect yourself and the others!


Your Coordinator sends you the most updated version of our Reference Text
This is a text containing WHO recommendations, approved by Public Health specialists at the University at Buffalo (SUNY, USA).


You take a quiz so that we are sure you have understood the recommendations found in the Reference Text.
Your Coordinator will send you the quiz once you’ll finish reading the Reference Text.


Now you and your Speaker can finally prepare your recordings!
Before doing the actual recordings, though, you should be familiar with our guidelines.


Don’t know how to structure your health-related message?
Use our scripts!
You are free to choose the best way to address your community. Following requests from our piloting teams in Cameroon, we also prepared scripts that can help you organize the contents of the speeches you will record. But remember: you know your community best and you are not expected to stick to our scripts!


Send your best videos or audio recordings to your Coordinator.
Do not share your recordings with anyone else at this stage!


We will add a short introduction to say the name of your language and what the recording is all about.
Watch a sample video below (Aghem, Cameroon)


We send you Youtube and Facebook links to share your recording on social media.
You and the rest of your Team can now share the edited recordings freely!